Case Studies

Regional and Sectoral Insights into Economic Impacts

Regional Adaptation Case Studies

The seven regional cases studies provide detailed insights into the economic effects of climate change and adaptation measures on a time scale up to 2050, with some cases continuing to 2100. The cases focus on three sectors – transport, energy and tourism, but also provide detailed information about overall (inter)national economic effects. While starting from local events and situations, the results of these studies are relevant for and applicable in wider regions in Europe. Several cases studies also provide indications for variations in losses (and sometimes gains) across Europe.


Summary Results

ToPDAd has estimated the primary economic impacts (costs or benefits) for the different case studies that were assessed. The integrated results of these outcomes have been summarized in a matrix

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ToPDAd deliverable 2.4 "Sectoral and cross-cutting multi-sector adaptation strategies for energy, transport and tourism" provides more detail on the backgrounds of this table.


ToPDAd Case Study Summaries


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