The Project

The objective of ToPDAd (Tool-supported policy development for regional adaptation) is to support businesses and regional governments in assessing different strategies to adapt to the expected short term and long term changes in climate.

The ToPDAd methodology supports decision makers in selecting adequate and viable adaptation strategies. The integrated approach, combining sector models and macro-economic models with detailed climate change modelling, allows for detailed regional and localized assessments. At the same time, cross-sectoral and European scale effects of the examined adaptation strategies are taken into account.


ToPDAd Interactive Tool

The Interactive Tool offers information on adaptation strategies to regional policy makers, researchers and others with a professional interest in climate change adaptation in the sectors energy, transport and tourism. The tool presents outcomes of ToPDAd's model calculations for seven European case studies and for three economic impact assessments. The Data Exploration tool allows the user to examine the data sets underlying the case studies and assessments.

Project Results

The ToPDAd project has developed an integrated methodology to assess climate adaptation strategies and then applied it to seven regional case studies from the energy, transport and tourism sectors.

The case studies are relevant for wider regions in Europe and provide insight into the economic effects of climate change and adaptation measures on a timescale up to 2050 or 2100. Based on a unique combination of sector models and macro-economic models, the case studies provide both a sectoral outlook and information on the overall (inter)national economic effects.

With this Interactive site and its Data Exploration Tool you can explore the main conclusions and the detailed outcomes.